Put Your Music In The Cloud

To start off, I feel like I’ve struggled for the longest time trying to find a cloud-based solution for my music. I have a Spotify account that I absolutely love but I have THOUSANDS of songs on my computer that aren’t on Spotify or any other streaming service. Bummer.

  1. My phone can’t handle all those tunes.
  2. I don’t want anything locally stored on my phone in the first place.

After a long while of searching…. I rediscovered a great service that I used to use for file storage; enter MediaFire. Okay, for this experiment, you can use pretty much any cloud-based storage service but I’m partial to MediaFire because they start your free account off with 10 spankin’ gigabytes. I have a bit more than 10gb of music so I upgraded to the 1 terabyte plan for an easy $5/month.

Next, I found a sweet app called CloudBeats. It’s an iPhone only app but I’m sure there’s a great alternative for non-iOS users. I like CloudBeats a lot for the fact that it works with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and my MediaFire account. You can also download your albums and save them for offline playback if you’re into that kind of thing.

For the audiophiles, CloudBeats supports FLAC and WAV files which is super rad. So far I’m really happy with this setup. It’s really easy and inexpensive to get going and I have access to all the music. All the time.

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